‘Painful sciatica’ prevents Pope Francis from attending Vatican’s New Year’s liturgies – Catholic News Agency

'Painful sciatica' prevents Pope Francis from attending Vatican's New Year's liturgies Catholic News AgencyPope Francis to miss New Year's Eve masses due to sciatic pain CNNPope Francis to skip New Year's Eve Mass due to sciatic pain | TheHill The HillPope Francis, 84, suffering painful sciatica which has forced him to bow out New Year's Day Mass Daily MailPope to skip New Year's liturgies due to sciatica, Vatican says National Catholic ReporterView Full Coverage on Google News (c) … [Read more...]

Wellness chiropractic positioning itself for a surge

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The practice of chiropractic procedures is gaining more and more popularity with doctors and their community. Natural healing is taking a front seat to the usual treatment options that are offered, like opiates. It has been shown that visiting a chiropractor has more benefits than using drugs or having surgery. Chiropractors offer natural healing and something that hasn’t been very popular in recent years. There are also advancements in technology that allow us to better see what will work … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Effectively Train Through Injuries

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With some minor adjustments, it is possible for an athlete to continue training despite being injured. One way to do this is to limit the range of motion to the injured muscle. There are also variations of exercises that may be more tolerable, e.g., instead of back squats, do front squats. With a more serious injury, belt squats may be the best option. Training contralateral movements is another alternative for more severe injuries. Finally, a routine can be altered to lighter load and higher … [Read more...]

Common workout injuries — and how to prevent them – NBC News

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Regardless of your workout routine at one point or another you may experience an injury. Some of the injuries that are common during your work out can include Shoulders or more specifically rotator cuff injuries. The way to prevent this injury is to give your muscles some time to heal between workouts. Lower back injuries are also a complaint due to either excessively heavy weights or poor form during the exercise. There are many ways to avoid this injury such as stabilizing your trunk and … [Read more...]