BestMassage – Massage Tool Palm Urchin


The Palm Urchin massage tool delivers a gentle, yet effective massage through its four knobbed legs. The legs are specially positioned to give muscles an amazing soft-tissue massage. The Palm Urchin has a small, compact shape that fits easily in the hand and can be carried anywhere. Use this colorful massage tool over the entire body for a soothing massage sensation. Check out all of our massage tools! $ 10.90 … [Read more...]

Trigger Point Performance Hip and Lower Back Self Myofascial Release


Trigger Point Performance Hip and Lower Back Kit is the ultimate package to massage and maintain the muscles around the hip and lower back areas. This kit is recommend for anyone having aches and pains in areas such as, but not limited to, the IT Band, Knee, Hamstrings, Piriformis, Sciatic Nerve, Lower Back, Psoas, Quadriceps, Hips, etc. Kit features all the tools and instructions needed to massage the hip and lower back, including 2 TP Massage Balls, Footballer, Quadballer and Baller Block. As … [Read more...]

Body Back Stretcher


The Body Back Stretcher is an amazing tool to help stretch and support your back. It is firm yet very comfortable. It provides that deep stretch that has you wanting to let out a deep "ahhhhhhhh!" It also stretches your abdomen, shoulders and ribcage. Use it to increase flexibility and get support. $ 9.95 Customer Reviews There are no … [Read more...]

Red Beige Wood Back Body Massager Roller Stress Relief Tool


Description: Body care roller beautiful curve adjustment wheel type Body Massage, the stick-like design, can be free of soft material with a bending of the massage rollers protruding particles. And stimulate the skin, either arm, waist, legs or thighs and other parts can be rolling massage service closely paste! This Body Care Roller increase blood circulation, and massage deeply and gently. Against the back, legs, arms, waist and other parts of the strengthening roller massage, relax tense … [Read more...]

Aylio Self Massager with 7 Rolling Beaded Balls


This unique and effective massager by Aylio uses seven independently rolling balls that allow users to massage their back, neck, legs, and buttocks. This handheld massage tool is very relaxing and therapeutic. It helps loosen muscles, feels great, and allows users to finally get to those hard to reach places. The massager measures 40" long. $ 15.95 … [Read more...]

Large Wooden Back, Neck, Head & Body Massager / Reflexology / Acupressure


Large Wooden Back Massager Measures 3.5"W x 3.5"W x 3.24"H A common problem is that stressed muscles can block nutrients and oxygen from getting to where they need to go, and this will cause inflammation that allows toxins to build up in your muscle tissue. The inflammation and toxins contribute to pain and stress. Use this massager from Head to toe for either a powerful self-massage or for focused pressure massage on a partner. Locate a quiet place and work away the days aches and pains while … [Read more...]

Body Back Buddy Junior


Customer requests inspired us to design the smaller Body Back Buddy Jr. Trigger Point Travel Massager for traveling and overall convenience. Compact and lightweight, the Body Back Buddy Junior offers seven therapy knobs which allow you to reach and comfortably treat every major muscle group and trigger point. Perfect for smaller framed persons or those on the go. Overall length is 23 inches. Comes with a free 12 page instruction booklet. Direction To Use: Hook the Body Back Buddy Jr. massage … [Read more...]

Muscle Roller Stick – Muscle Roller With Therapeutic Spindles


85 Percent Of All Pain Syndromes Relate To Muscle.Read This To Ensure You Are Making The Best Purchase.The Stick locates and extinguishes latent trigger points, with the same ease as active trigger points. This is accomplished by gently rolling the smooth, center-balanced segments back and forth over the entire length of the tender, shortened muscle bundle. This easy-to-perform procedure rapidly calms the reflex mechanism, relaxing the muscle bundle.The resultant myofascial release encourages … [Read more...]

The Original Palmassager by the Pressure Positive Company, Sapphire Blue


The Original Palmassager by Pressure Positive is one of the most efficient massage therapy aids ever made. Hold it firmly in the palm of the hand and use one, two or three of its smooth, round knobs to massage tense, tired or sore muscles of the neck, back, shoulders, arms or legs. Ergonomically placed finger holds at the base of each leg provide for optimum comfort and control. $ 7.95 … [Read more...]

The Original Backnobber II by The Pressure Positive Company


The Original Backnobber II tool is a deep muscle, massage device that provides a way for people to manage simple muscular pain and tension both on their own and in conjunction with professional treatment and therapy. Made of a highly durable, polymer/fiberglass composite, molded in the shape of an "S," The Backnobber II device can be hooked over the shoulder or under the arm so that one of the two ends can be pressed into any of the muscles of the neck or shoulders, back, hips and hamstrings. … [Read more...]